i had a dream last night where Skrillex made a klk dubstep and named it Skrill la Skrill

imagine ragyo with an afro

important! please help!!!!

okay i know this is a really bad day to be posting this, but this isn’t a joke. i’m really serious and i need as much help with this as i can get.

i’m so worried about my girlfriend. she has panic attacks a lot and i don’t know how to help her. it stresses me out because i feel like i’m the problem, and that makes it worse. i really try to help her as much as i can, i’ve been looking up some ways to help her calm down, they work sometimes but i fear they’ll eventually stop working. we both have really bad depression and so this happens every day, sometimes even more than once. i want to make her really happy. i’ve been with her for almost 2 years now, and she’s brightened up my life so much. several times i’ve considered killing myself so i won’t hurt her anymore, and so i don’t have to deal with stress, but that will actually hurt her a lot. i’m not sure what to do. i could never EVER break up with her either. it would probably cause us to both kill ourselves.

i hate asking for help, but this is so important to me. i want us to have a happy relationship. we have a long distance relationship so unfortunately i can’t do things with her physically to calm her down.

her panic attacks started recently and we don’t know what’s causing them or how to prevent them. she’s talked to her therapist and it doesn’t help. i’d really like to know what we can do to solve this and be happy together again. it’s putting so much stress on us i’m scared of us growing apart.

even if you can’t help, please signal boost!! maybe someone else will know how to help.

for the time being, i’m going to turn off anonymous since i can’t handle any hate anons, either.

thank you!!

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How to make a Japanese-style fursuit (part one)

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this seems like it might be useful for some of you (and me!)


pony Luna T-shirt and SPACE DANDY coordinate ☆

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woah rainy


woah rainy

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They’re so cute I want to go kaboom.


They’re so cute I want to go kaboom.